August 22, 2017
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Signup Agreement Statement

As a Member of this Traffic Exchange I request that the administrators do NOT give out any of my submitted personal information for any reason.

I further agree that I will be using a email address that does NOT lead to a non-existent email account or a catch all account that will fill up and bounce emails. I further understand that I should emails sent to me bounce I accept I will likely have my account deleted and lose any Income that I may have earned.

** I know that in order for me to receive my bonus join credits and Fully activate my account I must surf the required number of sites. Once fully activated my referrer will also receive their bonus credits for referring me. IF I DO NOT fully activate my membership within 14 days I am not interested in remaining with the site and understand you will remove me from the Site without further notice **

It is okay with me if the Administrators of the Traffic Exchange send me the occasional email if they have news or something they feel is worth my consideration. I understand that the Administrators will not abuse this and emails will be kept to a minimum. If they send too many, I will request a payout and quit the program.

I WILL NOT open multiple accounts. Only 1 account per IP adddress is permitted. In case multiple accounts are detected, Administrators have the right to close ALL of them including any income that may be attached to them.

I WILL NOT put any Sites Pornographic, Illegal OR objectionable in Nature on the Exchange be it via Surf Site, Hotlink or Banner. If in doubt of the acceptability of a site I will contact the Administrators Prior to setting it up. I also understand that doing so may result in my Membership on the Traffic Site being terminated without warning which will result in the loss of any and all earnings I may have accumulated.

I WILL NOT open multiple browser windows to surf. I know the reason that people join a surfing site is to get exposure to their various sites and offers and opening multiple windows pretty much means I am not ever going to really look at their sites and that wouldn t be right.. after all, I want them to look at mine right? If caught cheating this way (or any other way) I accept and deserve to have my membership cancelled, my sites/banners deleted and forfeit any and all income I may have earned. Its only right after all.

I WILL make sure that any sites I add to the Exchange are fast enough loading to be seen within the timer settings. There is just no point in my listing a site that is slow loading. Further to this I will NOT put up a site that I can not control. Sites with multiple popups and popunders or other frame stopping or irritating gadgets will be removed without warning and banned from the system.

I UNDERSTAND that the Exchange may or may not accept rotator sites at its own discretion. Because they are beyond my control I further understand that if I choose to USE a rotator site and something on it breaks frames I will likely loose my account and any earnings I may have accumulated. It would PROBABLY be best for me to avoid posting sites like this.

I will not try to find nor exploit any loopholes that may exist in the programs of SurfScientist. Irregular use of any features of SurfScientist will be cause of immediate termination of my account and all that may be associated with it.

NO REFUNDS. I Understand and agree SurfScientist does not offer refunds, neither full or partial, under any circumstances whatsoever.

I also understand that the speed of all Traffic Sites can be effected by the number of sites in the Database. Should my account show a negative balance and no activity for a period of more than 3 months, the administrators will assume I have abandoned my account and remove it keep the active member surfing at the best possible speed.

I agree that I will ONLY email my Direct Referrals once per week and that I will NEVER send material that may be offensive to them. If I do, then you are welcome to remove my account.

It is MY responsibility to check out these terms from time to time as they may change without notification.

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